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The Way of energy

Chi is this irreplaceable energy that life uses in all its manifestations, the vital energy which must be able to circulate freely in our body to energize all our potentialities, both physical and mental.

Chi is a component of life, its instrument of communication ... life calling for life ... silent messages, bearers of love.

However, this force obeys the human will.


Through the 90 techniques (relaxation, breathing, Taï Chi Chuan or Taï Ji Quan, Qi Gong, energy circulation ...) explained in detail in this guide, you will learn a new language: that of the body, or rather that of your living being. You will learn to correctly use this faculty specific to all living things: the manipulation of energy. The exercises, techniques and methods will only be used to teach you how to do it. It is you who will then decide what to do with it (health, well-being, dynamism, body awareness, love, fulfilness, struggle, success, peace, existential philosophy, expansion of the field of consciousness, union with the Divine...).


The first edition of this book dates back to 1993 (Dangles editions). At that time, the author had been practising energy manipulation techniques for more than 50 years, having learned them from great oriental experts. He founded a school which, in a few years, reached an international dimension. Currently, the school has 5 teacher trainers and more than 300 teachers. All teach L’Art du Chi, according to the Méthode Stévanovitch.


In this work Vlady Stévanovitch wanted to protect all his experience from oblivion. “My only intention is to transmit, to pay my debt to my Masters who went to such lengths to teach me. But my Masters didn't just teach me techniques. They helped me understand what lies beyond both the techniques and the art: Life. They showed me a way: that of communication with all living beings, that of conscious integration into this immense surge of joy that is the Way of Life ... "


Number of pages:  281

Translated from French. 

Translation reviewed and corrected by Russel King.

The Way of energy

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